Bastion paint

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Gold    Silver 

Create a subtle sparkle simply by applying a coat of paint.

  • Clear coats that create a subtle elegant crystal sparkle.
  • For arts, crafts,  feature walls and general décor.
  • Pure Acrylic. Durable for Interior & Exterior applications.
  • Clear, satin, stain resistant finish.
  • Apply over any colour paint with brush or roller. Can be sprayed.

About Crystal Sparkle Paints

We have formulated  these excellent paints using a range of a particles and particle sizes. Clever chemistry is used together with superb pigments to angle the particles in the paint film so that they don’t lie flat. This allows the particles to sparkle under a wide range of light conditions and to virtually disappear when not sparkling. 

Although the concept of these paints may seem quite simple there are very few (if any) competing products available. It is actually incredibly difficult to create a sparkle that works in many light conditions, over all colours, in a flat, extremely thin dry paint film. It may surprise you that these products are the result of four years of technical development. 


Another way to create sparkle is to add our Paint Glitter into any colour paint water based paint prior to painting. The glitter 'magically' appears sparkling on the surface of the dry paint. 

Thus cannot be achieved with any other glitter powder.