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10 categories of products to select from. 10% discount for orders of R1600 and over. 18% discount for orders of R5000 and over.

Body Glow Paints (Category 1)

An awesome range of UV Body Paints and Glow-in-the-dark Body Paints. Available in 100ml, 300ml, 1 litre, 5 litre and 20 litre containers.

Body Glow Paint - UV Party Packs (Category 2)

Standard discounted packs of Body Glow Paint for parties of around 20, 80 and 250 people.

UV Glitter Hair Gel (Category 3)

Medium Set Hair Gel that sparkles in the light and gives a white glow under UV light.

Permanent Glow-in-the-dark Paints (Category 4)

Paints that are charged by light and then glow-in-the-dark for 12-hours. Highly durable for interior and exterior applications. Apply with brush to white or light surfaces. Water-based, pure-acrylic paints.

Permanent UV-Glow Paints (Category 5)

Bright neon coloured paints and an invisible paint that all glow brightly under UV-light. For interior and short-term exterior decorative, safety and security applications. Apply with brush or roller, water-based pure-acrylic paints.

Glow Party Accessories (Category 6)

We stock a very wide range of high quality imported glow accessories and LED items.

Glow Sticks (Category 7)

We stock a range of high quality imported glow sticks.

Metallic Permanent Paints (Category 8)

Pure Acrylic Metallic Decorative Paints. Adhesion enhanced making them suitable for a wide variety of surface types. Apply to wood, masonry and even directly to some plastics (lightly sand plastics first). For best durability some exterior surface should be primed as for normal acrylic paints.

Metallic Body Paints (Category 9)

Give your hair and skin a distinct metallic appearance .

Other Glow & LED Items (Category 10)

LED Valve Stem Lights Glow-in-the-dark Street Numbers