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Metallic Body Paints, Magical Shimmering Dust & Permanent Metallic Paints


Metallic Body Paints


  •   Gold Body
  •   Silver Body
  •   Bronze Body

These paints give a characteristic metallic appearance and can be applied to hair and skin. Easy to wash off and don't stain clothes.

  • Supplied in 100ml, 300ml, 1 litre, 5 litre and 20 litre units.
  • Safe on skin: FDA standards for cosmetic applications.

Metallic Body Paint will give the skin a complete (solid) metallic appearance. If you want a metallic sparkle then use UV Glitter Hair Gel (can also go on skin) or our Cosmetic Glitter Powder. Magical Shimmering Dust (see below) will give the skin a subtle metallic shimmer which is most noticeable when the angle of light changes. The particles of the dust are much finer than the particles of glitter.

   Magical Shimmering Dust

Give your skin a magical metallic shimmer with our Magical Shimmering Dust.

The shimmer effect is totally different to to the effects created by paint or glitter. The subtle shimmer dances in the light. 

  • Dip your finger tip into the bottle and spread the ultra-fine powder directly onto your skin. 
  • Available in Gold, Silver and Bronze.
  • Supplied in 15g containers (approximately 30ml volume). 
  • Safe on skin: FDA standards for cosmetic applications.


  •   Fairy Dust Gold
  •   Fairy Dust Group
  •   Fairy Dust Silver
  •   Fairy Dust Bronze